The WINR is the liquid token of the WINR Protocol and has several utilities. All of the utilities result in burning WINR forever, thus making it deflationary as the demand increases.
The WINR token is a utility token used on the JustBet platform. It is earned by players every time they place a bet in the form of vWINR tokens, which can later be converted to WINR tokens. In addition, players can burn their WINR tokens to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the platform, which provide a "minting boost" that increases the amount of vWINR received after each bet. If you want to learn more about converting vWINR to WINR, you can find more information in the Staking section of the platform. The process of minting vWINR is explained in the vWINR section.
To summarize, WINR has the following utilities:
  • It can be burned to mint vWINR and earn fees paid by liquidity providers in the form of bribes.
  • It can be used as payment for boosters.
  • It can be used as payment for scratch cards.
All of these utilities of WINR involve burning the amount spent, which has a deflationary effect on the tokenomics of the platform.