Web3 Wallets

You need a browser wallet with Arbitrum support to start betting on JustBet. Metamask is the most popular option.
Once you have MetaMask downloaded, you can add Arbitrum here.
It's recommended to import the platform tokens to your wallet to track balances. You can use following information to import WINR, vWINR and WLP:
WINR - Arbitrum Contract address: 0xD77B108d4f6cefaa0Cae9506A934e825BEccA46E
Symbol: WINR
Decimal: 1e18
vWINR - Arbitrum
Contract address: 0x63097E97BA51b64547Cf1F4Ba154495D7af74582
Symbol: vWINR Decimal: 1e18
WLP - Arbitrum Contract address: 0x6f7353B59476dbd1dE23d7113BE7A7fbE6F343E5
Symbol: WLP
Decimal: 1e18