Be the House

Add liquidity to the bankroll, and be counterparty to all the bets.

Casinos are peer-to-peer by nature, as it's a bet between a gambler and a bankroll owned by the house. JustBet is built on a decentralized house model using the WINR Protocol. Anyone can add funds to the WINR Liquidity Protocol and place themselves on the house side of the bets.

To learn more about how the WINR Liquidity Protocol works, head to the WINR docs.

To add liquidity, go to the Earn page.

  1. Select the token you want to add liquidity with. The tokens available initially will be USDC, wETH, and wBTC.

  2. Enter the amount, and click "Deposit."

  3. Approve your transaction, and you will see the amount of WLP in your wallet.

WLP is the token that represents value of the underlying assets in the WINR Liquidity Protocol. It can be sold anytime for any asset in the index to remove the liquidity provided.

Liquidity providers are rewarded in three different ways.

  • The price of WLP appreciates as the gamblers lose.

  • Liquidity providers are entitled to vWINR emissions.

  • WLP holders are distributed additional WLP collected through the fees.

Risks Involved

  • The value of WLP may temporarily decrease due to the win of the gamblers.

  • The index composition of WLP includes volatile assets such as wETH, and wBTC, which means WLP price may fluctuate in volatile market conditions.

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