Provably Fair

No tampering, proven on-chain.

Random numbers are generated as Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs) and provided by the oracle service SupraOracles for the games on JustBet. The random number is generated upon receiving the request from each game contract. The seed is created and broadcasted to the chain, resulting in the game.

  1. Gamblers initiate the bet by approving the transaction.

  2. The game's smart contract requests a random number (VRF) from the SupraOracles smart contract.

  3. SupraOracles creates an off-chain seed using the distributed VRF technology.

  4. SupraOracles responds to the request, which prompts the WINR Protocol contract to start the payout transaction of the bet.

Please visit SupraOracles docs to read more about how dVRF works.

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