Play alongside other players while the rocket is headed to the moon.
Choose a multiplier between 1.01x-100x you believe the rocket will be crashing at and enter your wager amount. After your transaction is approved on-chain, your bet will be placed. Once one person places a bet, there is a 30 seconds window for the remaining gamblers to place their bet, and you need to place your bet every single game. Either you lose your wager amount, or the Moon explodes above your multiplier chosen. Your wager will be multiplied by that amount, and a payout will go directly to your wallet.
The game uses the following formula.
Welcome to the Moon game on JustBet, a multiplayer betting game where players can win payouts by predicting the outcome of a rocket taking off and crashing. In this game, players can select a multiplier between 1.01x and 100x that they believe the rocket will crash at and place a wager on their prediction. The rocket will take off every 1 minute, and players have a 30-second window to place their bets each game.
To participate in the Moon game, follow these steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Choose a multiplier that you think the rocket will crash at.
Choose how much you want to multiple your money.
Enter your wager amount and check your potential payout.
After your transaction is approved on the blockchain, your bet will be placed in the game.
You will lose your wager if the rocket crashes below the selected multiplier. If the rocket explodes beyond the multiplier you choose, your wager will be multiplied by that amount, and a payout will be transferred directly to your wallet.
All placed bets will be displayed dynamically on the right side of the screen, showing the player's name, multiplier, and bet amount. The previous ten multipliers will also be displayed as multiplier history.
Please note that to receive the multiplier reward, players must bet on a multiplier lower than the point where the rocket explodes.
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