One Click Betting

JustBet integrates a mechanism to offer a centralized-like UX for the gamblers.

JustBet is committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly betting experience for the players. In line with this goal, we are excited to announce our upcoming feature called One-Click Betting (OCB). OCB will revolutionize the way users place bets on our platform by leveraging the new Ethereum Account Abstraction in EIP-4337.

With OCB, users will no longer need to manually interact with their wallets each time they want to place a bet. This innovative feature streamlines the process and significantly reduces the time required to complete transactions. By utilizing session keys, JustBet ensures a centralized-like user experience while maintaining the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network.

We are currently finalizing the development of OCB and will provide detailed information about its functionality and implementation in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to enhance your betting experience on JustBet. You can check further information about Account Abstraction in the link.

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