WINR (Real Yield)

Each bet earns to tokens. The more you bet, the more you earn.

WINR is the native token of the WINR Protocol, which JustBet is built on. Due to the incentive structure of the WINR Protocol, any game contract that has been accepted by the WINR DAO and plugged into the WINR Liquidity Pool is eligible to reward players with a vested version of the WINR token called vWINR.

vWINR can be used to:

  • Earn passive income in real yield if staked.

  • Convert to WINR.

Minting vWINR has a complex formula behind it. To learn more about how the real yield is generated and the utilities of both WINR and vWINR, please visit the WINR Protocol docs.


Gamblers will have to stake their rewarded vWINR to start earning passive income.

  1. Head to the staking page.

  2. Enter the amount you want to stake.

  3. Click on "Deposit" and confirm your transaction.


  • Your rewards will be accumulated and made available daily.

  • Rewards are distributed in the form of WLP.

  • You must claim them through the rewards section on the Staking page.

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