Are you feeling lucky?

In Lottery, you can select six numbers between 1 and 26. You can either have the numbers randomly generated for you or choose them manually. The cost to purchase a lottery ticket is $1, in any of the currencies supported on the platform. The payout for winning tickets is determined by the pool size and can be seen on the table below. If the payouts are not rewarded, they will roll over to the next round. Additionally, 20% of each lottery will be put into a staking pool for vWINR.

ConditionPrize Pool Allocation

Match First 1


Match First 2


Match First 3


Match First 4


Match First 5


Match First 6


vWINR Rake


Here's some important information on Lottery:

  • To win, the numbers on your ticket must be in the correct sequence.

  • If you match the first three numbers in the correct order, you will only receive the prize from the "Match 3" category and not from the "Match 1" or "Match 2" categories, as the prize categories do not accumulate.

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