Are you feeling lucky?
You can choose whether to generate a random ticket or manually enter the numbers in the lottery. You will be able to choose five random numbers between 1-26. The price per ticket is fixed at 0.001 ETH. The winning tickets are paid out according to the pool size, and the payout of each winning can be found on the graph below. The reward will roll over to the next round if these payouts are not rewarded. 20% of each lottery will go towards our staking pool for vWINR.
Prize Pool Allocation
Match First 1
Match First 2
Match First 3
Match First 4
Match First 5
Match First 6
vWINR Rake
Welcome to the Lottery game on JustBet, where players can place bets on the outcome of a random number drawing and potentially win significant payouts. In this game, six numbers between 0 and 9 will be drawn, and players can win prizes by matching a portion or all of these numbers. To participate in the Lottery game, follow these steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Click “Buy Tickets” and decide whether you want to generate a random ticket or manually select your numbers.
Choose your lucky numbers.
If you select your numbers manually, select six digits between 0 and 9.
he ticket price is fixed at 0.001 ETH.
Once your transaction is approved on the blockchain, your ticket will be entered into the drawing.
The prize pool will be allocated as follows: 2% for matching the first number, 3% for matching the first two numbers, 5% for matching the first three numbers, 10% for matching the first four numbers, 20% for matching the first five numbers, and 40% for matching all six numbers.
20% of the prize pool will be transferred to the vWINR staking contract.
Any unawarded prizes will be carried over to the next round.
We hope you enjoy playing the Lottery game on JustBet and wish you the best of luck in winning a payout.