Smart Accounts

Thanks to the integration of Ethereum's latest development proposal, EIP4337 (often termed as Account Abstraction), you can now enjoy decentralized gaming with the convenience you're accustomed to.

Why does this matter?

Previously, to dive into any dAPP offerings, you needed a Web3 wallet, which might have felt foreign if you weren't well-versed in Web3 tech. However, you can use your familiar social accounts to play games in a decentralized way. The best part? No Web3 wallet needed, reduced transaction steps, and minimal gas fees.

Setting up and Using Your Smart Account:

  1. Think of it as your gaming passport on Just.Bet. It operates in the decentralized space, but feels just like logging into any other online account. Logging In with Your Social Account.

  2. Navigate to the Just.Bet login page. Choose the option to sign in with your preferred social account. Follow the prompts, and voila! You're in. Playing Games and Transactions.

Engage with the games as you typically would. When it's time to make a transaction, you won't be redirected or asked to approve every move. The Smart Account streamlines this process for you. Enjoy gas fee-free transactions, thanks to Account Abstraction. While Smart Accounts enhance convenience, they don't compromise on security. Ensure your social account's credentials remain confidential and adopt good security practices, as always.

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