JustBet utilizes NFTs to provide promotions through the platform. These NFTs can be bought using the WINR token through the profile page or are rewarded through competitions and achievements.

Each NFT has to be minted through the Promotions or the Profile page.

Minting Booster

  • Provides extra vWINR minting multiplier to the address that holds it.

  • It comes with an expiry date and will no longer affect upon expiration. Preset durations are 3 days, 10 days, and 30 days.

  • It has different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

  • Each rarity has a different muıltiplier. The rarer the NFT, the larger the multiplier becomes.


  • The traditional scratchcard that rewards vWINR.

  • The scratchcard NFT is not used until it's scrapped.

  • It has different rarities and shows the range of the probable vWINR it may reward up on scrapping.

Loot Boxes

  • Loot Boxes are non-tradeable NFTs that reward users with one of the NFTs of the platform upon opening.

  • Upon opening the NFT, a VRF call is made to reward the user with one of the NFTs with a utility.


  • Rewarded to the users upon completing achievements.

  • Badges are non-transferable NFTs and can only be minted once for the address that becomes eligible.

  • Each badge rewards the gamblers with a loot box.

Streak Repair

  • Streak Repair NFTs helps a gambler preserve the streak they missed, such as betting daily for every day for a month.

  • It can only be used once to repair a streak and burned upon usage.

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