Setting Up Your Wallet

Two Ways to Dive In:

Whether you're a Web3 enthusiast or someone seeking the familiarity of traditional platforms, we've got you covered. Traditional Web3 Injected Wallets:

  1. For the Web3 enthusiasts If you're well-versed with the decentralized world and already have a Web3 wallet, this is the direct bridge you've known and loved.

  2. Keep a tight grasp on your assets, approve transactions, and interact directly with the blockchain.

  3. With encryption and private keys, protecting your funds and data are completely in your hand.

Smart Accounts:

  1. For those who desire simplicity without compromising the decentralized experience:

  2. No need for a separate blockchain-specific wallet. Just use your familiar social account to dive into the world of Just.Bet.

  3. Say goodbye to multiple approvals for every action. Smart Accounts streamline your experience.

  4. Whether you're a blockchain newbie or a seasoned player, Smart Accounts offer an intuitive way to engage with Just.Bet.

Your Game, Your Rules!

Whether you lean towards the traditional Web3 setup or the innovative Smart Account approach, at Just.Bet, both paths are crafted to provide you with a seamless and secure experience. Dive in and choose the one that matching preferences.

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