Unveiling Hidden Treasures in a Game of Chance!

Mines is a classic game of chance that takes you on an exciting journey through a minefield, as you try to discover hidden treasures while avoiding dangerous explosions.

Here are the rules:

  • The game is played on a standard 5x5 grid, providing a straightforward gameplay setup.

  • Players begin by placing a bet and selecting the number of mines they wish to hide in the grid, ranging from 1 to 24.

  • Grid spaces without mines will reveal diamonds.

  • The objective is to cautiously pick grid spaces, hoping to avoid the concealed mines beneath.

  • Each discovered diamond contributes to the player's winnings.

  • At the end of each turn, players have the option to cash out or continue selecting grid spaces, provided there are more diamonds to be found.

  • Refer to the table below to understand the winnings based on the number of diamonds found with varying mine counts.

As seen on the table above, the house edge of Mines is around 2%.

Enter the world of Mines, a simple yet captivating game of chance. Click, pick, and tread carefully as you navigate the grid, avoiding the mines and seeking out diamonds to increase your rewards. Stay cautious, make strategic choices, and may your journey be filled with pleasant surprises!

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