Have a ball, with Plinko.

In Plinko, players drop a ball down the game board with pegs and try to land it in one of several designated slots corresponding to different multipliers at the bottom. Payouts are awarded based on where the ball lands. The outcome of each round is determined by chance, making Plinko a game of luck.

  • The number of paths leading the ball to the central region is much higher than those leading to the edges. In fact, there is only one path leading to the outermost slots, that's why those are the ones with highest multipliers.

  • Outcomes of Plinko follow a normal distribution, as demonstrated in the image below.

  • On JustBet, the number of rows in Plinko is adjustable. Player can choose to play the game with 5 to 12 rows. Following image shows the probabilities of the ball hitting each spot for the 12-row version. The probabilities for the other versions can also be seen there.

  • Multipliers corresponding to the probabilities in the last 7 rows for the 7 different versions are as follows.

  • With the given probabilities and multipliers, house edge for each different version is calculated as below.

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