Depositing Funds

To deposit funds, ensure you've logged in using a smart account:

Accessing Your Wallet:

Click the wallet icon on the top bar to bring up the wallet interface.

Please note: It's essential to deposit only the specified tokens displayed on the panel to prevent fund loss.

Methods of Deposit

A. Regular Transfer via CEX:

Navigate to the deposit section to view your smart account address, which starts with "0x...". Copy the address using the clipboard icon. Access your CEX wallet to initiate a transfer transaction. In the deposit tab, select the Arbitrum Network and choose one of the tokens specified by Just.Bet. Enter your smart account address in the designated field. Approve the transaction.

B. Transfer via Existing Web3 Wallet:

Access the deposit section. Click to “connect wallet” under the "Web3 Wallet Transfer" section. You'll receive an approval request on your Web3 wallet. Specify the token type and amount you wish to deposit, then click the deposit button. A second approval request will prompt on your Web3 wallet. Confirm it, and your funds will transfer automatically.

C. Credit Card Payment Gateway (On-ramp):

Click “Buy Crypto with Credit Card” within the deposit section. A new interface will open. Select the currency and desired amount, and specify the token quantity to receive. Complete the credit card form that pops up. Funds will transfer within a few minutes.

Important: Some jurisdictions might require a KYC verification. Please be prepared to complete this process if prompted.

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