Token Distribution

The WINR DAO votes on the platforms getting integrated to the protocol.
The WINR Protocol is an integral part of the JustBet platform, providing the necessary technical and monetary infrastructure; hence governance mechanisms of WINR Protocol ensure the fairness and transparency of the games on offer. At the heart of the Winr Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) owned and controlled by the holders of the WIRN and vWINR tokens.
The WINR Protocol utilizes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure, which allows the WINR token holders, as the protocol owners, to play a crucial role in the decision-making processes of platforms utilizing the WINR Protocol infrastructure, such as JustBet. Through regular voting within the DAO, these token holders can influence the direction and operations of these platforms.
In addition, the WINR token holders also have the power to approve future ecosystem integrations and determine the promotions allocated to platforms using the Winr Protocol, such as JustBet. This includes scratch cards and minting boosters that enhance the player experience and drive engagement and acquisition.
Furthermore, WINR Protocol DAO can control the core developer treasury of the Winr Protocol and the platform running on the protocol. This treasury is used to fund the ongoing development and maintenance of the protocol, ensuring that it remains a robust and reliable foundation for platforms like JustBet.
Overall, the role of the DAO within the Winr Protocol is to ensure that JustBet has the necessary resources to operate effectively and provide a high-quality player experience. Through regular voting and the collective decision-making power of the token holders, the DAO helps ensure that the platform is run efficiently and sustainably while providing a mechanism for continuous improvement and growth.
For further information about WINR Protocol, you may visit winr.games.