Benefits for $WINR Holders

As a $WINR holder, there are two ways to benefit from the final beta: weekly airdrops and the general airdrop.

Weekly Airdrops in ETH and vWINR

The weekly incentivized airdrop campaign is exclusively available to $WINR holders. Here is how you can become eligible for the rewards:
  • Hold 5000 mainnet $WINR tokens in the same wallet you are going to use the testnet with.
  • Place 10 unique bets on JustBet (multiple bets count as one bet) per day during the week.
  • Stake at least 100 vWINR.
  • Purchase WLP with one of the mock ERC20 tokens (wBTC, wETH, or DAI).
  • Use the swap function by selecting a different payout currency than the betting currency or swapping directly through the Earn page.
Eligible users will share a weekly airdrop of 5 ETH and 100k vWINR on the 24th of Friday, 3 PM UTC proportionally to their $WINR holdings. This is also when the following week's campaign with the same specifications starts.

General Airdrop for Mainnet $WINR Holders and Testnet Users

To become eligible for this airdrop, you need to:
  • Hold at least 5000 WINR from the beginning of the final beta until the mainnet release.
  • Place more than 100 bets.
  • Purchase WLP.
  • Stake vWINR.
Eligible users will be airdropped an undisclosed amount of vWINR upon the mainnet release proportional to their WINR holdings.