The staking mechanism is designed to serve as a way to convert vWINR to WINR after a lock-up perid, and is the only way to earn real-yield.
JustBet offers a staking program for players to earn rewards through the WINR Protocol. When a player places a bet on the platform, vWINR is minted to their address on the settlement transaction. vWINR can be staked or "locked" to receive a percentage of each bet made on the platform. The players pay this percentage as a cashback fee to incentivize more players to wager on JustBet. The vWINR staking pool is constantly accumulating rewards on WLP, regardless of the outcome of the bet. This helps to ensure an ever-increasing reward pool for players who have locked their vWINR. Each bet's contribution to the staking pool will vary based on the daily change in liquidity pool (LP) volume, ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%. Players will receive a percentage of their contribution back in vWINR format, which can later be converted to WINR. This percentage returned will vary based on the volume of games played.
Locked vWINR can be claimed as liquid WINR after 15 days, with a penalty ratio starting from 0.05:1 and linearly decreasing until the 180th day. Locked vWINR earns real yield as long as it is locked and not claimed for WINR.
As mentioned, a percentage of each bet is sent to the WINR Staking Contract for rewards. The amount that goes to the staking contract depends on the total value locked in the bankroll (LP), similar to the relation between the vWINR multiplier and the volume. The equation below explains how the percentage in question is calculated. Staking fees for each game are calculated using the following formula: bet * stake multiplier (minimum 0.001, maximum 0.005). The previous multiplier and the percentage change in LP determine the stake multiplier.
If LP change is positive: Staking Reward Percentage = (Old epoch’s Staking Reward Percentage) * ( 1 + % change in Bankroll since last epoch)
If LP change is negative: Staking Reward Percentage = (Old epoch’s Staking Reward Percentage) * ( 1 - 2 * % change in Bankroll since last epoch)
Although the percentage is updated every epoch, the minimum and maximum values are set to 0.1% and 0.5%, respectively.