Supra Oracles is a potential leading provider of smart contract and oracle solutions, founded in 2018 by the Entropy Foundation. With a strong focus on academic research and rigorous processes, Supra Oracles bring together top industry experts to deliver innovative and reliable solutions. Through surveys with over 190+ teams, Supra Oracles have identified the key features and design elements that set their oracles apart from the competition. As a trusted partner of JustBet and the WINR Protocol, Supra Oracles offers a world-class solution for secure and reliable data transmission on the blockchain. Supra Oracles is a decentralized oracle network built on different networks. It enables the creation and use of on-chain oracles secured by a global network of validators. Supra Oracles aim to provide a reliable and transparent data source to the EVM-based ecosystems, enabling the creation of new and innovative decentralized applications (dApps). https://supraoracles.com/docs/get-started/