Buy/Sell WLP

Adding and removing liquidity requires users to buy and sell WLP in their choice of the ERC20. Both actions are subject to fees depending on the targeted weights of the pool.
You must have either DAI, wETH, or wBTC in your wallet to provide liquidity.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
After connecting your wallet, head to the Earn page.
Under the Deposit ETH, input the amount of ETH you want to deposit.
Click on Deposit and confirm the transaction. Voila, you earn real yield by participating in the casino bankroll.
Make sure you check out the statistics on the left block of the page.
To ensure the stability and security of the liquidity pool, JustBet has implemented a feature to provide our users with greater flexibility and convenience by introducing two options for withdrawing funds from the LP pool. Users can choose to withdraw their funds immediately by paying a 0.5% withdrawal fee, or they can opt to wait for 7 days to withdraw their funds with a reduced fee of 0.2%.